Sunday, August 19, 2012

Puj Snug

We had the opportunity to be product testers for this awesome company, Puj. They recently came out with a spout cover for the bathtub- something every parent should have to prevent injuries in the tub. The Puj Snug comes in three colors, Aqua, Kiwi, and White. The girls loved the fact that it was an elephant and loved the softness of it. One thing I really like about the design is that it is cute but it is subtle enough that the girls don't think it's a toy. The cover comes off easily, but we keep ours on all of the time because it is designed so that we can switch the faucet to either a bath or a shower without always having to take it on and off. It is a simple product, but a great product. For more information on this company and their products, check out the link below.


Dejah said...

What a cute picture, and cool product! Does it feel exactly like the tubs do?

Charlie said...
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Breana and Jordan Holmes said...

yes, it's that soft foam