Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh Mamas!

I am very blessed to have a mother and a mother in law like mine. My mom is great. She has the best sense of humor. I know she has been through a lot in her life, but she still has a strong testimony, and is happy. I love to hear stories about her childhood and even better, her college years ( she liked to play pranks on people =) ). She is there whenever I need her- always willing to help me out. I think she is absolutely gorgeous and always take it as a compliment when I'm told I look like her- something all my sisters do as well. She has been a wonderful mother to her 5 children. She has also been an example of many things; love, sacrifice, endurance, faithfulness, a good wife, and just taught us how to run an home and take care of each other. I love you, mom!

Then there is Sheryl. How I got so blessed to marry into a family with such a great mom? I don't know. She is someone I have always looked up to. My mama- in- law is someone who lights up the room and always makes people feel their best . I have never seen an ounce of selfishness in this women. I am amazed that she had 8 great kids in 10 years and continues to teach them good values. She is always willing to help everyone out and is very good and noticing people's needs and tending to them. I feel like we can never repay her for all she does for Jordan and I. It is so much fun being her daughter- in- law. And I am so happy that she raised Jordan- He is the best Husband in the world. I love the relationship he has with his mom.

So thank you , mamas for all your love and all you do. I have two perfect examples of mothers and wives. I can't wait for our baby to be showered by your love!