Monday, April 8, 2013

Puj Hug Review

I was given the opportunity to test another product from the company, Puj. I absolutely love their baby bath tub, the Puj tub Now they make the Puj Hug and Puj big Hug, hooded hands-free towels. I think the towel is a great idea. I only have a few complaints. First, the towel I was given didn't seem like it was very good quality. Some of the towel was frayed and I though the stitching looked a little sloppy. Honestly, their products are good quality, so maybe this was just a fluke. Next, I thought the size of the towel was too small, even for a newborn- it covered her body but I wish it was just a little bigger. Lastly, I feel like the price of the towel $35.00 is pretty steep. Unless you can afford to splurge, than I wouldn't recommend this over most hooded towels I've seen. There are several good things about this towel though. Unlike a lot of store bought towels, this towel was very absorbent. I love the fact that you can wear it around your neck, making it a lot easier to lift your baby out of the tub. I also really like that it has a tab to hang it up.  Really, if the price was lowered and the towel was slightly larger, this towel would be an absolute must-have for any parent.

(notice the happy baby in the puj tub)

Cute packaging that flips open so you can feel the towel

Just put the tabs around your neck and pick up your baby

Babies don't like be taken out of a warm bath!
Hang the towel up to dry!

Monday, March 11, 2013


                                                               Andi Lee Holmes
                                                                       2:11 pm
                                                           8lbs.5oz 20 inches long
                                                          Easiest labor/delivery ever!!

Big sister Kennedy was so excited to "hold"her

all of my daughters...

are so beautiful!

I could eat her up!

after her bath

                                                                We're so in love