Friday, July 1, 2011

It is time

After paying rent for three years and moving to a bigger a apartment every time our lease is up, we decided maybe we should look into buying! It is exciting but it is a HUGE pain in the butt. We started this whole process back in March thinking it would be easy to find something. Something in our ward. Something in Corona. Good thing we started looking when we did because this has taken forever. After realizing that Corona is too expensive for our budget and doesn't have homes/condos in our price range that are FHA approved, we looked into the idea of Lake Elsinore. So here we are on July 1st. Our lease is up in 39 days, and we will not be signing another one or paying waaaay too much to live here month to month. Where are we going , you ask? That is a great question! We don't know as of right now. We have an offer in on one house that we feel pretty good about, but who knows how long it will take if our offer is accepted to actually get into the house. Faith is a wonderful thing. Right now, we have a lot of it that everything will work out. Although it is smart to have some kind of idea where we'll live in case the timing is off- which is very likely. So I guess it's time to try to figure that out.

Anyway. Things are great. The girls are cuter than ever. On a side note: why did I ever want Harley to be a boy?! I LOVE the thought of her and Kennedy being so close. This is going to be so much fun and I know they wouldn't have the same relationship if she was a boy. Plus, matching outfits are so much fun! So this is our life right now. It's pretty awesome.