Wednesday, January 11, 2012

smoothies and rainboots

I've been making a lot of smoothies lately and the girls love them. I even made one with a lot of spinach and they couldn't get enough of it. I had to take some pictures because i think they look so cute drinking them.

Rainboots: Every time Kennedy wants to go outside, I tell her she has to go get shoes and she ALWAYS come downstairs with her boots. Funny thing is, I love these shoes too. I remember when I bought them. It was the night of the senior-dinner/dance (12th grade). I needed a little sweater for my dress, so I stopped by Old Navy. Even back then I always shopped clearance. I happened to find these cute little rain boots for a $1.97! I knew I'd be a mom one day, so I snatched them up! I love seeing them on my girl. I tell her she needs pants to go outside, but that gets lost when she's looking for her shoes I guess.

I am in love with these pictures of Harley. She is such a little beauty. Look at those eyes! She has loved being outside lately. I caught her in mid-walk. She can walk, she has done it plenty of times and is doing it more and more, but she knows she can get to where she wants faster if she crawls.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Harley's firsts

All of Harley's first holidays have been this year. Since I really hate our camera and there are a few people in my family that take good pictures and have better cameras, I don't usually take any with ours. Here's what I do have.


I've been trying to be more "crafty" lately, Pinterest helps although I find myself getting annoyed when I think I came up with something on my own and then I see it on there. Oh well, nobody is original, right? Here are a few things I have made recently.

I really suck at doing layouts for the blog, so let me explain the pictures in order.
Gift card box- covered a gift card holder with contact paper, then made a flower for it
The girl's Christmas tree ribbon shirts- these were so easy to make a so cute!
Yarn wreath- made this one for my sister and her husband for Christmas. This is the third one I have made. I love how they look.
Dry erase board, One for the girls room and one for Jordan and I . Sorry the pictures are terrible. We really need a new camera!