Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More about little baby...

So we had our appointment today , and when the nurse came in she said all we had to do today was hear the heartbeat and take some measurements- Oh and had I had an ultrasound yet? I told her we had not and she said they'd have to order one. I was feeling pretty sad because I thought for sure we would get to find out today. So I asked her how long it would take to order an ultrasound and she said they may be able to do it today! Yippee, we were all for that. We only had to wait about a half hour and I drank about two water bottles. Then we got to see our baby girl. It took a while... this one doesn't keep still! It doesn't seem real yet. I can't wait to meet her. She already looks like a beautiful baby and we love her!!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My very best blessing

I feel like I need to share with everyone what an amazing husband I have. I've always thought myself to be very blessed to have him, but he's really impressed me lately. Ever since we found out I was pregnant, he's done all he can to meet my every need. and I never have to ask. We'll just be sitting on the couch and he'll pick up my feet and start rubbing them, or he'll start to rub my back. I don't even ask him to- he just does it! Every day he asks "what can I do for you?". He cooks, he cleans, he goes to work and school and he NEVER complains! He does all he can to take care of me and I honestly feel like a queen. And he always maks me laugh! He is a wonderful husband- I know he's the best and most perfect eternal companion for me. He will make a great dad. I love our marriage. So many people told us the "honeymoon" stage wouldn't last. We both disagree. It never has to end and we don't want it to. We know as long as we put each other first- it never will. So I just thought I'd share that with everyone. Thank you for all you do , Jordan..I love you!