Monday, November 10, 2008

Just so HAPPY

This was a really good weekend for us. Friday night was date night and although things didn't go according to plan , it was nice to spend time together and be in goofy moods. Saturday was such a special day. We went to Dane and Jessica's sealing and then their wedding reception. I was so excited to go to the Newport temple, I've never been there and theirs was the first sealing I've been to. ( Other than our own) It was such a beautiful day. I love the temple, I really do. I can't express the joy I felt being in their sealing and reflecting on my own wedding day. I'm so happy for them, the spirit was so strong in that beautiful room. It's a wonderful thing to belong to the ones you love for eternity. I told Jordan later that I think I would like to go to a sealing everyday because I can't help but think of our wedding day - the best day of my life. There is just such a sweet, comforting feeling in the temple, and as impossible as it seems, it makes me even more in love with my wonderful husband thinking these things while in the Lord's House. Back to Dane and Jessica. She looked beautiful and they both were very happy. I'm really bummed because we left our camera at home, so sorry no pictures. They had an amazing reception and its just great to be with family . Seriously, I love my family. All of you guys. It's hard to express how much without getting so emotional. I know I am so blessed to have the family I have. I wish we could see more of our extended family- everyone should just buy a neighborhood together and that would solve it. Even though I'm not a big talker ( Jordan's family knows this) I love to watch how everyone interacts with each other. There was a special feeling outside the temple that day too as we waited for Dane and Jessica to come out. So many cute babies! Everyone was having a good time, and I love to just sit and take it all in. I really don't know the purpose pf this blog, other than to let everyone know that although this was a rough week for a lot of us, I am so happy and I love life. Yesterday was Jordan and Mine three - month anniversary. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed. When Jordan ask my dad for his blessing to marry me, he told me later that my dad had said to him that you think you can't possibly love each other more than you do now, but as time goes on, you look back and realize that that was the least you loved each other. It just keeps growing, even if you think it can't. Something like that. Anyway.. its true.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Noah's Baby Blessing!!

Sunday was Noah's baby blessing. He looked so cute. It was nice being in sacrament meeting with so much family. We even got a family picture in. I know I blog a lot about my nephews, but I love them so much!