Monday, June 11, 2012


 It started off with the Watermelon Festival. Everything was free or .25 cents! It was so much fun!!

                                         They even had free pony rides. The girls loved it!

 Then we went to Jordan's cousins wedding reception. It was gorgeous, and the weather was beautiful.

 Next, we headed up to Mike and Dejah's house to stay the weekend for their memorial day party.          Harley discovered that she loves sand, especially to eat it.
 We had a blast. We swam and played, and made s'mores

                                                                      Jordan is silly.
                                                         Cute Harley sitting on a bench.
                                                      This girl can eat....and eat....and eat
                                                 Kennedy playing with great Grandma Pitt
                                                                    Peek- a-boo Harley

                                                         Guess who loves ice cream?!
                                    Then we took a little day a trip to the beach with my siblings-lucky for Harley        she is surrounded my sand. (Runny noses and sand do not mix so well)
             This is one of my new favorite pictures. Oh to be a kid again without  care in the world!