Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Kennedy (I may brag a little bit)

Since we have so many pictures to share, I will post more on a separate blog. Wednesday was Kennedy's first birthday. I cannot believe that a year has gone by since this wonderful baby girl entered our lives. She has been such a blessing. I love being a mom. I realized lately that it has just become who I am, there is no turing it off. For example- I spoil her even when she's not around. I can't help but buy her a little something when we go out, or save her some of my food to share. She is always on my mind. I have never seen a baby with so much personality. She is so observant and smart. From the start, Kennedy was hitting all of the mile-stones early on. She held her own head within a few weeks, she crawled at six months, and took her first steps at nine and a half months. She is so good at mimicking people. If she sees how something is done once or twice, she an usually do it herself. It seems like she can do something new every day, and of course we think it's remarkable.

I love to cuddle with her. She is my little buddy. Lately I feel like we have a special bond. I hope we stay close as she grows older. She is such a happy baby. She has always been that way. I think it's because she always has food- I know that make me happy!! Really though, she is such a good natured little soul. I love watching her when she discovers something. You can see her mind working, figuring out how it works, or what it is. She always laughs at something when we do, like she understands what is funny. One time we had people over (she was about 4 mths) and we were sitting around talking. Kennedy had to be in my lap and would smile when we laughed. It was like she was part of the conversation. She amazes me every day.
Now, I'll get to her birthday. My cousin got us into Disneyland, so we spent the day there. She did great and we were able to stay until closing. I think some of the rides were too dark and scared her at first, but she started to have fun after going on a couple. I think her favorite thing though was having so much space to walk around, seeing so many new things, and for some reason the planters. She kept wanting to play in the planters. We tried to take pictures but she wouldn't look at the camera for most of them. We love our Kennedy!!!