Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This was a great Christmas! On December 13th we went to see A Christmas Carol with Jordan's parents. I love seeing his play, my aunt used to take us every year when we were little. We got our Christmas tree and decorated it . It was really fun having it in our apartment, and it smelt so good! Then on Christmas eve, we went to the Holmes family Christmas party. They are the only family I know of that has to use a church building because they can't fit everyone in a house- It was a lot of fun! Later that night we went to our parents house (mom and dad Holmes) and got matching pajamas! I was very excited to be twins with Jordan. Dad read us the story of the birth of Christ and we exchanged gifts. It was a good Christmas eve, but I was a little homesick. I'm used to decorating the tree with my family and this was the first year I didn't- but new traditions are great too! Christmas day was spent waking up and giving each other a small gift, then going to The Holmes and then to my parents house. Jordan was officially welcomed into the Hettinger family by recieving the traditional gas mask from my parents. Can't leave anyone behind you know, we all have to have one. Later we went to the Pitt Family party and played games. I was very happy that we actaully had a cold Christmas, but it was a little scary drivng in the rain. All in all , this was a great first Christmas. I love how my family keeps growing in size!
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