Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sea World

We had the chance to take a family trip to Sea World for less that $25- of course we couldn't pass this up. The girls had fun. We thought Kennedy would enjoy the shows more, but she didn't really pay attention. Her favorite part was the Sesame street play area, minus meeting Elmo in person...she gets scared of things like that. Harley, on the other hand loved every thing (surprising, right?...she is always happy). She loved watching all of the fish. I think she would love to sit in front of an aquarium all day. She has such a love for animals. It is so sweet and I keep trying to convince Jordan that we need to get a puppy or kitten. He likes to remind me I am allergic. Any way, Harley was really excited to see Elmo and Zoe, she even got a kiss from them! It was a fun day and on top of that Kennedy was diaper free and did not have any accidents. I think it is safe to say, this girl is potty trained!! Sometimes it is stressful to take the girls out somewhere, but it is worth it for the smiles we get from them! I really love my little family and I want it to keep growing.