Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet Harley

Our little Harley joined us (via induction) on Sunday February 13th and 6:21pm She weighed 7lbs 13oz and was 19in long. It was a very easy labor, although I finally felt some real contractions with her (ouch!). She was out in 5 pushes. Life with two under two has been a little crazy. We have been able to transition very well though. I am surprised that Kennedy seems to be ok with having a little sister. She can be very affectionate and give Harley kisses then turns on her and hits her. She's still young and learning how to be "soft". I honestly thought it would be a lot worse, so I consider us blessed. Lack of sleep seems to be the biggest thing to get used to. Harley is awake a lot at night, and when she finally falls asleep, Kennedy is waking up for the day! We are healthy and happy and loving our sweet little girls. We so appreciate the help from our family and friends.

Harley is such a sweet baby. She has been so easy and calm. She makes adorable faces and has such a cute smile-even if it's just her pushing out gas. I have such tender feelings as I hold her. I'm so excited to watch her grow. I feel so blessed as I look at my little family. We really have it all.