Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Totally a blog worthy moment

Today was the last day that I will venture out on my own (with Kennedy) for a very long time. All I wanted to do was drop off brownies to a family in our ward that just had a baby, and go buy some milk for tomorrow. I had the feeling I should skip the grocery store since Kennedy doesn't like to be strapped in a cart and I can't carry her. I ignored it though. I was already out. The shopping itself was fine. Once we got out to the car the trouble started. She wouldn't sit down in her car seat, so I handed her the keys to play with. Something I always do. Not anymore. I handed to cart to a worker walking by so I wouldn't put it where it didn't go ( big pet peeve when people don't put their cart back) and as I did, I shut her door! I instantly heard the horn beep and knew she just locked her self in. Boy, am I glad that there are nice people in the world. After a few minutes of talking to her through the window, trying to get her to unlock the doors, a man came up and asked me if I was ok. So I start to cry (can't control that anymore either) and told him I locked my baby in the car. He tells me he has AAA and we give them a call. As I dial the last number of his card account - she unlocks the car!! Thank goodness! So I thanked him and we are now home and she is throwing her dinner all over the floor. That about sums up my life for the last few months. I really can't control my hormones and feel crazy all the time. That's life I guess. This milk better be amazing!