Friday, September 16, 2011

so much has happened...

GVL- three Years!

Since I last posted, a lot has gone on. Jordan turned 25. I attempted to throw him a surprise party, but it didn't work. Jordan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on August 9th. We went out to dinner and took Harley with us, since she tends to get a little upset without her mommy. We spent a fun day in Green Valley Lake, where we got engaged. We went to the beach. We moved in with my parents for a month while we closed escrow on our house. That was a pretty good experience. The girls were able to become a lot closer to my parents and we had a good time. I'm so thankful they let us stay there. Then after signing tons of papers, and waiting, then signing even more papers...and more...we became homeowners!! We moved in a couple weeks ago and it's so exciting to know we own it. While we still don't have hot water at this point and I have no idea how to get around in this city, it's been fun and we have been so busy trying to make this house our home. As always, family has been a huge help moving us in and helping with the girls. I have to say, it has been a little rough to leave our ward and Corona, and all of out friends. I keep telling myself that we're not that far, but I feel really alone out here. We went to our ward this last Sunday for the first time- It was a very welcoming ward, but I still feel homesick! It takes time, I know. Plus it was my birthday and somehow that made me more sad. I haven't had my camera charger so I don't really have any pictures of this month... but here are some updates on the girls.

Harley: She just turned 7 months old!
She started to crawl a couple of weeks ago.
She loves to eat Cheerios- in fact, she has mastered picking them up and feeding herself.
She is so skinny. Looking back at old videos of Kennedy at this age, I think Kennedy was double the weight Harley is. Haha!
She is always smiling, we often get compliments when we go out on how happy she is.
She is babbling a lot. she's said mama (that was her first word, not that it matters...) and dada and lots of other cute baby sounds.
She puts up with a lot from Kennedy but despite being bullied everyday, she is a very happy baby.
Kennedy: she will me two in two months...she is kind of terrible already! Actually, she is very much a toddler. Her favorite words are no and mine. She also like to say "It's Kennedy's turn" or "My turn" for anything she wants
She now will go to nursery by herself ( we love this)
She is still obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba.
She can the say the alphabet all the way through- she says it over and over again randomly throughout the day
she can count to 15, but usually goes up to 12 or 13.
She does something new everyday, it is crazy!