Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A glorious name- Mother

 Do you ever wonder how they did it? Our mothers. They are amazing.
There are days where I feel like it is impossible to raise kids and keep my sanity. My girls are crazy.
Lately I have been reflecting on just how much you have to do as a mom. I realized that my mom and my mother in law did so much more than any mom I know today.
     My mom is wonderful. She is beautiful. While I don't have as many memories as a child as I would like to,  the ones I have I cherish. She has always been creative.  She was an amazing artist. She is kind, and loving and patient. She is everything I strive to be as a mom. Life hasn't been easy for my mom. I know she gets frustrated with her MS. She can't do things she wants to but I know that it has been a blessing for our family, she just took the blow for us. My siblings have talked about it many times and feel that if it wasn't for this trial, we wouldn't  be the family we are today. We wouldn't be each other's best friends. We wouldn't have learned to be independent. We wouldn't have learned to serve and love it.  Her trial has made us so much better and I am so thankful for that. I love my mom's sense of humor, her wisdom, and her gorgeous red hair that we have all tired to have! I love and appreciate her faithfulness and her endurance. She is an example to me in every way. We recently watched the video of one my sisters being born and my mom became my hero all over again. She looked like she was sleeping through it all-with no epidural! She is Strong! She raised 5 kids to be happy and good people. that is not easy to do in this world.  I have always felt a  special bond with my mom. She was the youngest in her family and I the youngest in mine. She calls me her little germ. I know she has done so much for our family, and I'm sure there are plenty of sacrifices that she made that I will never know about. Thank you for everything, mom. I love you!!

Then there is my mother in law. Everyone that knows Sheryl loves her. She was one of my favorite people long before Jordan and I were married. Her kindness in infectious. I remember being at girls camp and crying on her shoulder because I was homesick and lonely.  She was one of my favorite leaders in my youth because she was always so happy and she knows how to make people feel special. I can't imagine having 8 kids in ten years but I know it met sacrifice and never having time for yourself. I've heard plenty of stories from all of her children about how she had served them or taught them. She is always happy, always has something sweet or encouraging to say and is always serving. She raised the amazing man I am married to and for that, I am forever grateful. I remember when my sister was marrying Mike and I told her she gets to be related to sister Holmes! I'm glad I get to be her daughter in law. She does so much for us and continues to be a great example of what a beautiful woman of God should be. There are so many traits in Jordan that I know he has learned from his mom. She is talented, selfless, kind and thoughtful. You are an amazing person and I love you!!

I think of all the ways these two women have been an example to me and my heart is full. I feel like they are the pioneer mothers who did it all! I want to be like them. I love to watch them being grandmas because I feel like I can get a glimpse back in time and get a small taste of the love they have for their own children.
                                                            Happy Mother's Day!