Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September: a month of surprises

It's a little scary when I think about how fast time is flying by. I celebrated my 25th birthday last month and I still find it hard to believe, that me, the baby of the family is that old! Crazy. On my actual birthday, Jordan and I had some meetings to go to, so we had a family dinner and decided to celebrate on the weekend. Mike and Dejah watched the girls for us and we went out to eat and did a little shopping. It's always a BIG treat to go on a date, just the two of us. Sometimes I feel like we have to try really hard to have a conversation when the kids are around because it is just so loud. I love being out with just my husband.
    All month long we had been waiting for the anatomy ultrasound. I think everyone figured we were having a boy since this pregnancy has been incredibly different than the first two. I felt like it was a boy. My doctor even said she thought it was a boy (when they did an early ultrasound), so I just assumed that was the baby's gender. We were in the office for less than a minute when the doctor asked "Do you want to know the gender?" "yes!" then... "It's a girl!" I think we were a little shocked and we just kind of laughed. It still hasn't really sunk in. This baby sure had us fooled! Luckily, we make cute, funny, happy, crazy, smart, amazing little girls...so we are happy another one will be joining our family. I'm confident we will have sons one day- gotta fill that hole in my heart =)
We decided this baby's name will be Andie/Andy/ We are still working on the middle name...well narrowing it down between two.
   On Saturday, my sister Arwen took me out for a pedicure for my birthday gift, and when we came home I was greeted with a surprise party!! It was awesome. I have never been thrown a surprise party before! This was the best time to do it to because I had several clues to figure out what they were up to but I guess my pregnancy brain made sure I was oblivious to everything. I do have to say I'm proud of everyone for keeping it a secret because, I am really very sneaky at finding things out. Ha!
 It was a great month, even though it flew by. I love my family so much. It met a lot that they did that for me and I even had a pinata, yes, at 25 I still wanted one.


Heidi said...

Did I ever tell you that if Porter was a girl he would have been Andi? This is just crazy!! I LOVE THAT NAME!! I am so happy you are having another girl! You definitely dont need to buy clothes!

Breana and Jordan Holmes said...

Really? No I never knew that. We're just trying to figure out what spelling we like best, but that is crazy!

Dejah said...

I'm so surprised you are having a girl. Honestly, I don't think I'm 100% convinced. I'm glad your party was such a surprise, because like you said, you are sneaky! It's been a fun month!